February, 19th and 20th 2022 - ONLINE

The Spiritual Power of Sound




The Spiritual Power of Sound

We will alternate moments to study the knowledge of ancient Vedic texts and Sanskrit with in-sights into the spiritual, modern and scientific traditions of sound healing (therapeutic music). We will devote ourselves to spiritual and energetic practices with easy Asanas, Pranayama (mindful breathing), Mudra, Mantra, meditations, Harp-therapy and guided relaxations.
We will absorb the power of silence thanks to meditation techniques such as Nada Yoga (yoga of sound), creative visualizations and listening to the individual resonant tone.
Give yourself a moment of intense regeneration, in the company of Thea and Marianne, who for years have been spreading sacred sounds as a bridge between the visible and the invisible, between audible and inaudible.
At the end of the seminar participants will receive a series of techniques that you can apply at home to maintain the state of vitality, peace and focus achieved.


February, Saturday morning 19th
1.00 PM - 2.30 PM: Sound Healing, Harp-therapy session and physical relaxation
3.00 PM – 4.30 PM: Vedic Philosophy, Mudra and Pranayama combined with sacred Sanskrit Mantras

5.00 PM– 6.30 PM: Sound and Light, Yantra, Mandala, Visualization, Guided Imagery in Music
7.00 PM - 8.30 PM: The Divine practice of Mantras in the form of Kirtan

February, Sunday morning 20th
1.00 PM - 2.30 PM: Nada Yoga, Meditation on Sound and the individual note of resonance (Vemu Mukunda)
3.00 PM – 4.30 PM: Basics of Sanskrit Language, Mantra Meditations with Japamala

6.00 PM -8.00 PM Final concert with Thea and Mariane + kirtan practice (all partecipants can sing along)
All schedule in Rome Time Zone



All workshop will be recorded and you will receive a link to replay it after the week end.
Workshop will be held on Google Meet platform.



Thea is an International Mantra Singer, a Spiritual Artist, an Author, a Yogini, a Sound Heal-er, and for several years she has been focusing her spiritual research on sound as a means of meditation, considering it as a connection between the visible and the invisible. She is also a lecturer, a performer, a composer, a speaker and since almost 10 years she is called by various festivals and conferences around the world to give workshops and lectures about vedic philos-ophy, sanskrit Mantras and yogic lifestyle. She is deeply passionate about her studies of the Yoga of Sound, the Vedas and the ancient Indian life philosophy.
Thea’s concentrated blend of sacred sound seamlessly unites the East and the West in a me-thodical and unique style. The atmosphere emanating from her performance creates a majestic bridge between these cultures which harmonizes their seemingly opposite perspectives.
Having been awarded with multiple scholarships, Thea continued her education in prestigious European Conservatories (Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Conservatorio Rossini in Pesaro - Italy) and graduated with excellence. After that Thea lived in Java (Indonesia), where she specialized in Sindhenan, traditional Javanese Gamelan singing, as well as Javanese traditional dance and music.
She then studied at the prestigious Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Surakarta (ISI) where she had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of the power of Mantras in the spiritual Eastern vocality. She studied with great Masters and performed with world-renowned artists.
She has excelled in the practice of Sanskrit Mantras in Italy and in India. During her stay in Rishikesh, on the coast of the river Ganges, she underwent intense spiritual experiences in harmony with the ancient Vedic tradition.
Since 2013 Thea has been performing Sacred Mantra Concerts and giving Spiritual Seminars and Retreats all around Italy, Europe, India and America. Her music has been selected as soundtrack for two movies in Italy: “Il Fascino dell’Impossibile” (2015) by director Silvano Agosti and "Choose Love" (2018) by director Thomas Torelli.
She has released 4 Albums chanting the sacred Sanskrit Mantras:
In 2020 she has published her first book + 2 Cds, entitled “The Spiritual Knowledge of Yoga”, ed-ited by OM Edizioni. She has given lectures collaborating with great personalities in the field of Religion (Don Sergio Mercanzin, Russia Ecumenica), Medicine (Dott. Claudio Corbellini), Psychia-try (Dott. Alessandro Meluzzi), and has been invited by Italian TV Personalities such as Red Ronnie, to speak about indian philosophy and yogic lifestyle, and sing the sacred Mantras in their programs.


Marianne Gubri, born in France and living in Italy, combines an original and unique musical path with a search for personal development.
She performs in numerous concerts and international tours in Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, United States, Dubai, China, In-dia, Egypt with repertoires of traditional, Celtic and modern music. and ancient.
She has participated in more than 15 different recordings and has released 2 solo albums with her compositions (Ankaa and Believe), an album with composer Roberto Passuti (Vita Nuova) and 2 albums with the duo Harp & Hang (Menhir and Nyanga) . She has published the scores of her compositions with Stella Mattutina and 3 methods for the Celtic harp with Area 51. Since 2008 she has directed the Harp School of the Cultural Association "Arpeggi" of Bologna which she founded. She is artistic director of the Bologna Harp Festival and director of the Interna-tional Harp Therapy Program Italy.
She participates as a speaker and organizer in numerous conferences in harp-therapy for TEDx conferences, for European Quantum Activism, and for various projects in hospitals (Bellaria Hospital, Bologna, FatebeneFratelli Hospital, Rome, Medicine Faculty Unviersità La Sapienza, Rome...); organizes seminars on harp-therapy, sound healing and meditation for private foun-dations, yoga and wellness centers.
From an early age she devoted herself to the study of the Celtic harp in Brittany (France). In 2002 he obtained a Diploma in Ancient Harp at the Conservatory of Tours and a Degree in Mu-sicology, subsequently graduating from the International Harp Therapy Program (San Diego). He has been participating for more than 20 years in the International School of Self Awareness programs for the development of human potential, studying meditation, yoga, sacred move-ments and spiritual traditions.
Worldwide festivals in solo, in duo or with several ensembles (Doulce Mémoire, Ar Strobineller, Francesca Caccini, Il Concento, Sensus, Korymbos, Armoniche Produzioni, Silentia Lunae, Acca-demia degli Astrusi, Ensemble Armonia delle Sfere, Lorenzo da Ponte, Duo Telyn, Celtic Dream, Harp & Hang. ..): Wonder Festival 2017, 2018, 2019 (USA), World Harp Congress (China, Hong Kong), Stockholm Early Music Festival (Sweden), Wight Harp Festival (UK), Brussels Harp Festival (Belgium), Nobber Harp Festival (Ireland), Sentmenat Harp Festival (Spain), Virtual Harp Summit (USA), Les Très Riches Heures De Simiane La Rotonde (France), Musica Antica Festival of Loulé (Portugal), Musica Antica Festival of Mexico City, X and XI Rio Harp Festival (Brazil), Music in the Mendrisiotto (Switzerland), Festival Colla Voce di Poitiers (France), Eglise des Billettes of Paris (France) and Festival Les Baroquiales of Sospel (France), Rencontres Internationales de Harpes Celtiques de Dinan (France), Les Roches Celtiques, Saint Etienne (France).
Festivals and shows in Italy include; Ravenna Festival, Festival Taggia in Arpa (Liguria), Festival of Viggianese Harp (Potenza), Note e Arte nel Romanico a Modena (MO), Bologna Festival, Grandezze e Meraviglie (MO)….
She’s played in countless prestigious venues and theatres including: Royal Opera House Mum-bai (India), Concert Hall, Hong Kong, Concert Hall New Delhi (India)Theatre of Boulogne-Billancourt (Paris), Theater of Bologna, Dubai, World Expo Forum, Carlo San Felice Theatre (Ge-nova), Theatre of Ferrara, Theatre of Ventimiglia, La Chapelle Royale (Versailles), the Fondation Querini Stampalia (Venice), Sforza Castle (Milano)…

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